ASCEND JOURNEY PART 8 – Port Augusta – DAY 5


Today, Team ASCEND rebounded from our Coober Pedy setback with a mix of determination and enthusiasm. Even though we faced a minor hiccup, our team spirit soared even higher. Joining the BSWC ‘Adventure’, we showcased ASCEND’s mechanical and electric prowess, charging up whenever needed. Our Day 5 destination was Port Augusta, en route to the grand Adelaide finish on 27 October. We can’t wait to share our forthcoming adventures with you. 

Our day kicked off with a drive from Coober Pedy to the Glendambo control stop. With the wind still being a tad moody, our beloved solar car took a trailer ride. But by the time we touched down in Glendambo, the skies brightened, allowing ASCEND to hit the road. A delightful break awaited us here, marked by some sausage rolls and a moment of relaxation. 

On the plus side: ASCEND ran as smoothly as before, living up to our expectations! 

Our journey to Port Augusta presented us with nature – the spotless expands of the white salt sea. These enchanting salt flats gleamed, only to be contrasted by the lively water bodies near Port Augusta.  

Upon our Augusta touchdown, we bided our time, waiting for Team Solaride. Once reunited, we set course for our Mambray Creek campsite, just a 30-minute drive from the Port Augusta control stop. 

Here’s where the day took an unexpected, yet thrilling turn. George and Tehau stumbled upon an old item in our camp area—an old broken-down 180SX Nissan, which belonged to the camp owner. And what do a couple of engineers do when they find such a treasure? They get to work! With their engineering prowess at play, they began reviving the vehicle, while Nick, our ever-watchful safety officer, kept a keen eye on the proceedings. 

Tonight is our final night camping out in the open because tomorrow we will be in Adelaide, staying in cabins. While some of our team members are having fun driving the solar car in the camp, others took to a game of NER Vortex.  

And as night approached, Sunny and Mick were preparing a feast of butter chicken and vegetarian curry, perfectly complemented by rice and naan. 

With the day winding down and the stars overhead, we look back on our journey, eyes twinkling with anticipation for the adventures that tomorrow promises.