Today marked the final day of our Bridgestone World Solar Challenge journey. We set out early, heading straight for Adelaide. Due to thick traffic and strong winds, we chose to safely transport our solar car on a trailer for part of the way. Once we reached a safer spot, we hopped back in the solar car, even switching drivers midway. We smoothly cruised into Adelaide, hitting an exciting speed of 110 km/h at one point, before finally crossing our much-anticipated finish line. 

Upon finishing, Josh shared his emotions: “I’ve never felt better. It’s been a journey of pride and joy, and I’m thrilled we reached this successful conclusion. The team and the car have both been fantastic.” 

The finish line was a place of joy and reunions. Many of our teammates were greeted by their families. Our school lecturer, Rob McHenry, showed up to share in the celebration, along with David Halliwell, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor at Deakin. 

Josh had a heartwarming surprise awaiting him: his parents, who’d secretly come down to cheer him on. The surprise on his face was priceless. Xander, having dedicated four years to this project, was joined by his mom, brother, and aunty. Reflecting on the journey, he said, “There’s room for improvement, but for our first car, I couldn’t be happier.” 

Though Justin couldn’t join us for the race because of health issues, he was there at the finish line. He played a vital role in crafting the car’s body using CAD, ensuring it was ready for manufacturing. Seeing the car and team in Adelaide, he remarked, “It’s great to see everyone. I’m proud of how well the car stood up to the challenge.” 

Post-celebration, we headed to our lodgings at YHD Adelaide Central to check in and freshen up. The day culminated with a hearty dinner at The Crown and Sceptre Hotel, where we learned a quirky fact about Nathan – he doesn’t like ham mixed with other meats, evident when a chicken parmigiana arrived without the ham. 

What a wonderful day to wrap up an unforgettable adventure!