Introducing Nick P


Introducing 3rd Year Mechanical Engineering Student – Nick Puntoriero. Nick has one of the most important roles on the team, supporting management, he is the glue that keeps the team on track!  

What is your role on the team? 

My job title at ASCEND is Management Support Intern. This entails doing a lot of administrative work such as writing Safe Work Procedures as well as organising and tracking team progress.

What would you like to get out of the Ascend Solar Car Project? 

Along with being an excellent job on my resume, the solar car has been providing me with excellent professional practice and experience.

Why did you want to join the team? 

I’ve always had a passion for cars and having the opportunity to work on a cutting-edge competition car meant joining was a no-brainer.

What do you love about the team? 

Our team chemistry. Everyone seems to get along and banters with one another.

What are you most looking forward to about taking part in the WSC? 

The challenge itself. A trip through the centre of Australia culminating in a cross over the finish line on my birthday sounds almost like a fairytale.

What is your biggest concern about taking part in the WSC? 

As a first-time solar team, the statistical history for the race says we most likely won’t finish. As you can imagine this introduces some doubt about us finishing the race but with our team, I’m confident we will finish.

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