Introducing Rupert


Meet Rupert. In a short time 3rd-year Mechanical Engineering student Rupert Armstrong as made a big impression on Team ASCEND!  Rupert’s enthusiasm for the project and willingness to share his camping experience from his many outdoor adventures have been a great help for logistic planning. Hear what Rupert has to say about the project.

What is your role on the team?

Race planning and logistics are my main roles, where we will get to and when. Where the options are to finish on each day, what we will have to bring in support vehicles in terms of camping and power sources, as well as areas where we can stock up and get reception or other areas of importance along the way. 

What is exciting about the project?

The project is exciting because it is still in a very much an experimental phase with regard to mass production and trends across Australia and the world. Taking part in a fully electric/solar-powered endurance race means we are going to be doing what very few people have done before, and anything can happen. That’s what’s exciting about it.

What are you most looking forward to?

I’m most looking forward to testing Deakin University’s class among other teams, as we have never done before. I’m keen to see how our ideas go, as well as see some other ideas utilised by our opponents and hopefully bring some new ideas home for the next challenge.