Introducing Sunny


Introducing 3rd Year Mechatronics Engineering Student – Sunny Levinson.

Hear what Sunny has to say about being part of Team ASCEND. 

What is your role on the team? 

I am a working on the electrical systems. The main systems I have been part of are the lighting, the cameras and the 12V audit. The 12V audit is the one task I have been working on as of late. I have been measuring the power usage of all the smaller components in car, this allows us to make decisions around wiring and fuses. After this audit is completed, we will also be able to determine how power intensive each piece of equipment is. 

What is exciting about the project?  

I find it really exciting learning new skills and new things about how a car like this works, it’s also really satisfying to see the car come together. It’s really cool to see how much I’ve learnt while on this project, from how to crimp wires, to learning how a steering wheel turns the wheels. 

What is your top highlight on the team? 

Before joining the team, I had no idea how knowledgeable the other members in the team were. However, throughout the project so far, my top highlight has been being able to talk, question and learn from all the knowledgeable people on the team. It has opened my eyes to how knowledge and varied different people can be. 

What are you most looking forward to about taking part in the WSC? 

I think the race is for sure what I’m looking forward to the most. Overcoming all of the logistical problems that arise, pushing through the desert of Australia and ultimately crossing the finish line as a team, I think that is what I’m looking forward to the most. 

What is your biggest concern about taking part in the WSC? 

I would really like to cross the finish line, but based on how difficult the challenge is, I think we will really have to do everything we can to complete the challenge. 

Anything else to tell use? 

I am also currently working on another project alongside the solar car. Called Mythbusting in STEM, where I am interviewing professionals in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematic fields. The aim of this project is to create resources for students to encourage them to pursue careers in STEM.  Keep an eye on the ASCEND website and socials Mythbusting posts!