Introducing Tahj


Introducing 3rd Year Mechanical Engineering Student – Tahj Beardsley 

What have you been working on recently?  

My focus currently is light weighting the car, with my current project being the crash structure between the front bumper and the chassis. I also have a role in BOM (bill of material) optimization where I implemented a part code system that will help us track parts easier, as well as designing new drawing templates for more consistency in the team. 

Why did you want to join the team? 

I’m a big motorsport fan, with my major passion being formula 1 and my dream to work in it. When this opportunity arose, I didn’t even think twice about joining the team as this is my passion. 

What is your top highlight from your time on the team? 

My highlights are always fitting the parts I’ve made onto the car. It’s just that cherry on top of all the projects completed being able to see the final product of what you have spent the last few days or weeks working on.  

What are some of the challenges you have faced working on the project? 

The project has been a large learning curve for me. Studying my degree and being park of team ASCEND are both different ball games. The degree so far has taught me basic design, CAD and building skills, but this project has taken them to a new level. But that’s what the projects here for, to give us these skills and knowledge we need to succeed in industry. 

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