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The Team


Meet the staff and students of the ASCEND Solar Car Project

Introducing Xander

Alexander (Xander) is the Lead Mechatronics (Electrical) Engineer on the ASCEND Solar Car Project. Xander is a 2021 Deakin Engineering graduate that undertook a student project working on the solar car. Xander brings the so-called “spark” to the solar car,…

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Introducing Angus

Angus McDonald is leading the Ascend Mechanical Team for the World Solar Challenge 2023. Angus graduated from the Deakin Engineering program in 2021 and was part of the student program working on the solar car during his undergraduate studies. The…

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Introducing Matt

Meet ASCEND Team Manager, Matt Jennings. Entering a Solar-Powered vehicle in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge is a huge undertaking, so having a Team Manager that is across all aspects of the project and is able to lead a diverse…

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Introducing Nigel

Ever wondered who produces Team ASCEND’s amazing videos and photos? That’s Nigel Petrie @engineeredtoslide ! But Nigel’s role on the team is way bigger than that, some might even say he is the glue that keeps Team ASCEND together. From fabrication to…

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Introducing Nathan

Meet Nathan our Senior Technical Lead. Nathan Semianiw is an Electrical Systems Engineer and our driver of excellence in making the ASCEND Solar Car reach its full potential. His knowledge, experience, and ability to do just about anything on the…

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