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The Team


Meet the staff and students of the ASCEND Solar Car Project

Introducing Rupert

Meet Rupert. In a short time 3rd-year Mechanical Engineering student Rupert Armstrong as made a big impression on Team ASCEND!  Rupert’s enthusiasm for the project and willingness to share his camping experience from his many outdoor adventures have been a…

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Introducing Josh

Josh Picking third-year Mechanical Engineering student only joined team ASCEND a few months ago but in that short time has become an invaluable member of the team. Concentrating on developing the interior of the car, Josh has had a huge…

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Introducing Lachie

Third-year Mechatronics Engineering student Lachie Carboon has been tasked with coordinating the team telemetry system and convoy communications. Providing the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge event team with real-time data from the ASCEND Solar Car and ensuring seamless communication between all…

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Introducing Janidu

Meet Janidu, Team ASCEND 3rd year Mechatronics Engineering student. Janidu is working on completing the rear vision system for the car. The aerodynamic design of a solar car means driver side-mirrors are out of the question, so the rear vision…

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Introducing Yiwei

We are excited to introduce 2nd Year Civil Engineering Student – Yiwei Cheng. Yiwei is the #TeamASCEND Compliance Documentation Intern, she is super busy making sure the teams documentation complies with the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge regulations. What is your…

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Introducing George

Introducing George Polyzos. George is a dedicated 3rd Year Mechatronics Engineering Student who has one of the teams most important roles, being the #TeamASCEND Race Strategist! What have you been working on?I have been working on formulating the data from…

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Introducing Bohan

Introducing Bohan Houston our team ASCEND Light-weighting Lead! Bohan is a 3rd Year Mechanical Engineering Student who has been focusing on monitoring the weight of the car and exploring opportunities for reducing weight. What is exciting about the project?Testing the…

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Introducing Justin

Meet Justin Ivelja our #teamASCEND CAD guru! A 3rd Year Mechanical Engineering Student. Justin is responsible for working on the body of the car in CAD so that it can be manufactured and implemented. He has been super busy lately,…

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Introducing Tehau

We are excited to introduce you to 3rd Year Mechatronics Engineering Student – Tehau Paea. Tehau brings a big personality and plenty of energy to  team ASCEND. What is your role on the team?    At this point, I am the Electrical System…

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Introducing Nick P

Introducing 3rd Year Mechanical Engineering Student – Nick Puntoriero. Nick has one of the most important roles on the team, supporting management, he is the glue that keeps the team on track!   What is your role on the team?  My…

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Introducing Tahj

Introducing 3rd Year Mechanical Engineering Student – Tahj Beardsley  What have you been working on recently?   My focus currently is light weighting the car, with my current project being the crash structure between the front bumper and the chassis. I also…

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Introducing Sunny

Introducing 3rd Year Mechatronics Engineering Student – Sunny Levinson. Hear what Sunny has to say about being part of Team ASCEND.  What is your role on the team?  I am a working on the electrical systems. The main systems I have been part…

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